Quotes and Testimonials

Stakeholder 1: Childs
Tom: “I really loved Project KIDS especially when I had the brain lab, super puzzles and the building of the space ship, planet Jenson and Lego”.

Brooke:  “I was very excited when I got the invitation to Project KIDS.  My favourite thing was the computer activities.  I was very happy that I got to bring a friend and that I could help other kids who were born early like me.”

Stakeholder 2: Parents

Tom’s mum: “Tom loved Project KIDS, that’s all he talked about during the school holidays and asked if it was going to be on again next school holidays.  He even brought a brain scan to his class to show everyone.  I would definitely enrol my son again even if I had to pay a fee as he really enjoyed himself and I found it very beneficial to his development.”

Joshua’s mum: “Joshua had so much fun at Project KIDS that he would have loved to have gone back for more.  The staff were welcoming and made him feel very comfortable.
Joshua recalled how much fun he had with the space theme and it started an interest in lego.  He described the experience as ‘awesome’.”

Stakeholder 3: Caregiver and service provider

DCP (Department for Child Protection) Caseworker: “Thanks so much for the excellent feedback you gave at the school meeting – I think this was especially useful for XXXX’s teacher. It was great to hear how persistent XXXX is when he has support, I think this is not always recognised in the classroom. We both think the report is clear and contains very useful information for XXXX’s education.”

Caregiver: “Congratulations Corinne for such positive assessment regarding XXXX development and at last we may be able to work towards more progress with XXXX rather than negativity with his behaviour”.

Stakeholder 4: Research collaborator and referring service – CAMHS

To Whom It May Concern,

As A/Director of the Specialised Directorate of the Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service (CAMHS), I am responsible and accountable for achieving the objectives of the Directorate including Education, Policy and Research. I am expected to lead, direct and facilitate the development and implementation of strategic child and adolescent mental health policy, education programs and research activities across CAMHS.

This has been made possible with our collaboration with Project KIDS through one of CAMHS’ Specialised services, Family Pathways. Family Pathways is a developmentally informed intensive outreach service that is delivered in a variety of settings, including CAMHS clinics, the home setting, at community bases and on school sites. Family Pathways also has an on site school. The goal of Family Pathways is to enhance the development and behavioural presentation of children with multiple and serious mental health disorders.

We are privileged to be able to contribute to the vanguard of research conducted by the Project KIDS team in their pursuit of furthering our understanding of how children think and feel. We recognize the importance of establishing a scientific base for mental health services and how new knowledge may inform our clinical service delivery. Practically, the data we obtain from the assessment (e.g. IQs) is comprehensive – much more than is possible for us to collect in day-to-day practice – and has proven invaluable in our case formulations, especially understanding causal pathways. Collaboration with Project KIDS also ensures we meet the National Standards for Mental Health Services (2010) with respect to the Delivery of Care standard.

We see continuation of this partnership-focussed research with Project KIDS having the potential to reform child and adolescent mental health clinical practice and policy.

Yours Sincerely

Dr. Simon Davies