Project KIDSkids greet

Project KIDS is a research program. We work with kids (also known as our Junior Scientists) to find out more about how our brains grow. Our Junior Scientists also help us know more about how they learn to solve the many puzzles and problems that we come across every day. Most importantly, Project KIDS has been designed to be fun for kids!

What will we do at Project KIDS?

We find out about what kids know and how they solve problems, by doing lots of puzzles, computer games and IPAD games that challenge us to think! Our Junior Scientists also get to watch their brain working by trying on our special space cap! You can watch on the screen as your brain gets some exercise.

Doing puzzles and watching your brain work can be tiring so we also have some time to hang out and relax outside or make some slime, build a lego village, or do some amazing, fizzing, experiments!

Who can come to Project KIDS?

More than 2500 children have come to Project KIDS – mostly kids who go to primary school though sometimes we hold days especially for younger children, or for teenagers. Sometimes we hold days for children who have challenges because they have an illness or have been injured in some way. Sometimes we visit remote communities so that kids there can be part of Project KIDS too.

How long will I stay?

Kids that visit with us come early in the morning and often stay all day. Sometimes we invite kids to come back for another visit. Some of our first Project KIDS Junior Scientists are now all grown up – we like to find out how things are turning out for you so you can stay on our mailing list if you like.

Can I bring a friend or maybe my brother or sister?

We hope that you will come and visit us. If you would like to bring a friend, brother or sister, let us know and we will do our best to make sure there is a space for them too.

What do I need to bring?

Just bring yourself and a sunhat for summer. We will provide some lunch and healthy snacks for you. Let us know if you have special food needs or allergies.

What is the Project KIDS brain-training program?

After children have visited us they sometimes decide that they would like to be part of our computer game brain-training program. This lasts for 5 weeks and involves playing some special computer games each night to see how much you can improve. Each week one of the Project KIDS team gives you a call to see how you are going and help to chart your progress! When you have finished you get to come back to Project KIDS to do some more puzzles and see how much you have improved. We enjoy meeting up with kids again to hear about what they have been doing. After three or six months we check in with you again to see if your brain training has helped you in your learning.