Investigating medical, health and developmental challenges in childhood is a complex business. Making sure that children enjoy their experience with us makes it even more of a challenge. We are committed to providing a child-friendly place so that children and families want to come back and visit. Last year Telethon supported us in buying a wonderful playground (see picture)










We are also committed to making sure we have the very best technology and equipment available so that we can be sure to be at the cutting edge of understanding neurodevelopmental conditions. Last year we were fortunate to be able to purchase a new piece of equipment to help measure brain development (see picture) – this one piece of equipment cost us more than $100,000.










Making sure that we do the best research in the most child-friendly way is an expensive business. Your contribution would be greatly appreciated. If you feel able to make a donation or to support our work, please contact Dr. Corinne Reid at




The Project KIDS team thanks you for your support.